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Groupe BMR

In 1967, in Quebec, a small group of lumber and building material dealers maximized their buying power by pooling their purchases. Union-six was born! Less than a year later, a dozen members became partners and Union-six changed for Groupe BMR inc., which stands for Building Materials and Renovation.

In 1974, Groupe BMR inc. entered into a strategic alliance with some similar groups in Ontario and Western Canada. The purpose was evident: to increase the buying volume and to offer savings of scale to their dealers/members.

In 1996, Groupe BMR inc. revamped its image by developing a new renovation center concept. The new direction in modern renovation centers began to take shape. At the same time, major renovations and enhancements were made to the Head Office location. The merchant network grew and the BMR staff as well.

In 1997, Groupe BMR inc. started a hardware products distribution network. The success of this venture brought about the construction of a new distribution warehouse, in 2002. Groupe BMR inc. now had at its disposal a site of two million square feet and 2 warehouses totalling more than 450,000 sq. ft.; all located in Longueuil. Groupe BMR inc. completed its installations with a 50,000 sq. ft. site, in Quebec City.

Founded in 1967, Groupe BMR Inc. is an affiliate of La Coop fédérée that operates 350 renovation and hardware stores in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. The retail sales of Groupe BMR Inc. members are estimated at over $1.7-billion each year and some 8,000 people work in the group’s stores. Groupe BMR Inc. is the second largest player in the renovation sector in Quebec and operates under the brands of BMR, Unimat and Agrizone.

More than 200 employees work at the head office and in the Groupe's warehouses. The dealers/members employ, more than 4,500 permanent employees.

The BMR dealers are independent entrepreneurs who become partners of Groupe BMR inc. on a voluntary basis. Their expertise in building materials and hardware plus an excellent knowledge of their respective markets enables them to offer their clientele, consumers as well as contractors, a highly personalized service. Their partnership with Groupe BMR inc. provides the dealers/members with real competitive advantages to the satisfaction of all their customers.

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