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checkmarkMax3030 Establish your budget
Define one or two major objectives and decide on the elements that you will keep. Did you know? Changing cabinet doors can give a whole new look to any kitchen.

checkmarkMax3030 Choose quality materials
Focus on the material inside the cabinets as much as the one outside. Laquered wood, for example, is much more durable than melamine.

checkmarkMax3030 Think high
Cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling are not only a great storage solution, but they also help to reduce cleaning time. However, it is important to leave 15 to 18 inches between the cabinets and the ceiling if your ceiling is higher than 8 feet.

checkmarkMax3030 Elegance is key
Material such as granite, marble and slate will give an added value to your workspace. Do not forget to seal the granite and slate to protect these natural materials.

checkmarkMax3030 An island - a must
Stay away from massive blocks; choose an island in the centre of the room instead. It will be much more practical to welcome the family for breakfast or friends for Thursday night fun. Make sure it feels like a table even if you cover a part of the top with a stovetop or insert a recessed dishwasher.

checkmarkMax3030 Blend the style
Choose neutral colours when painting the front of your furniture, it will become timeless. Try to keep the natural appearance of your wood furniture with a varnish. You will be proud of your work once you are finished. Remember that less is more. Too many mouldings and crowns will simply weigh your space down.

checkmarkMax3030 Add some personality
It is good to choose an original piece of furniture that will become an integral part of the whole decor and will make your space uniquely yours.

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