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Installing a suspended ceiling

1 The rail systems that support suspended ceilings can easily be adapted to standard tile sizes. In the following steps, 60 cm x 120 cm (24" x 48") were used, but this installation method is just as good for 60 cm x 60 cm (24" x 24") tiles.

2 First, install the L-shaped metal mouldings all around the room, at approximately 10 cm (4") from the ceiling joists. It is a good idea to draw a line using a chalk line and a level before installing the mouldings.

3 To install the main rails that are perpendicular to the ceiling joists, screw 1 1/4" screws every two or three joists. Place them at a distance of 60 cm (24") from the wall and do not screw them in completely. Use these screws and iron wire to suspend the first rail. Use a level to help you tie up the rail to the right height, i.e. same height as the L-shaped mouldings. Repeat this procedure every 60 cm (24"), until all the main rails are installed.

4 Add the secondary rails, perpendicular to the main rails, by inserting them in the slots designed to that effect. Place them every 60 cm (24") or 120 cm (48") depending on the type of tile you chose.

5 One by one, place the tiles in the spaces created by this frame.


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