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1 Receive your card

2 Activate your card

3 Accumulate your points

4 Reward yourself!

Receive your card
During you next visit to a participating Groupe B.M.R. inc. dealer, ask the cashier for your BMR 360 Card and receive it immediately, for free!

Start accumulating your points immediately and exchange them for any merchandise in store.

Activate your card
To use your BMR 360 points to pay for merchandise in store or BMR gift cards, or to exchange them for Transat Holidays gift certificates, you must have completed your profile online or at a participating BMR store beforehand.

Additional Cards

You can add up to three (3) Consumer BMR 360 Cards to an account. This way, you can earn points up to three times faster by linking more than one card to an account. There will be a single master card for each account. Only the holder of the master card will be able to exchange the points from the account for merchandise in store, BMR gift cards or Transat Holidays gift certificates.

This option is only available to Consumer BMR 360 Card holders; it does not apply to Contractor BMR 360 Card holders.

Accumulate points
BMR 360 Card holders accumulate BMR 360 Points for every purchase made in a participating BMR store. Simply present your BMR 360 Card at the check out counter during a transaction.

For a Contractor BMR 360 Card holder that has a customer account with a Groupe B.M.R. inc. dealer, Points will be accumulated when the invoice for the purchased charged to the customer account is paid in full. However, the payment must be made during the granted term of payment, otherwise, the BMR 360 Points will not be granted. If the holder of a Contractor BMR 360 Card does not charge a purchase to the customer account, the BMR 360 Card must be presented before the end of the transaction.

Accumulate BMR 360 Points even faster with the purchase of selected products or during specific time periods or promotional events. Keep an eye out for our special offers on our website, in store and in our flyer.

There is no limit on the total of BMR 360 Points that you can accumulate.

BMR 360 Card holders can consult the balance the BMR 360 Points accumulated on their account at any time on the cash register receipt after making a purchase, or by going to the Your account section of this website.

Reward yourself!
BMR 360 points can be used to pay for merchandise in participating BMR stores. They can also be exchanged for BMR gift cards. To take advantage of these features, the BMR 360 Card must be presented at the checkout counter during the transaction. Note that a minimum balance of 1,500 points must be available on the BMR 360 Card.

Reward yourself by redeeming your BMR 360 points for merchandise in store, BMR gift cards or even Transat gift certificates!

Expect a minimum delay of three to four (3-4) weeks after your request for the delivery of Transat gift certificates.

Travel the world with BMR!

transat In collaboration with Transat, BMR gives you the opportunity to exchange your BMR 360 points for Transat gift certificates. Use your points to relax under the sun, discover Europe or go on an adventure in Asia!

To use your points to purchase Transat gift certificates, a minimum balance of 7,500 points must be available on the BMR 360 Card. Each 7,500 BMR 360 point increment can be exchanged for a $50 Transat gift certificate.

Your renovations could take you around the world!

To transform your Points into dream vacations, log into Your account and exchange your Points.

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