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BMR gift card

Ask for the BMR gift card in store and reap the smiles!

The advantages of the BMR gift card
checkmarkMax3030 No fees checkmarkMax3030 Flexibility of attributing a value from $10 up to $500
checkmarkMax3030 No expiration date checkmarkMax3030 A large choice of products
checkmarkMax3030 More than 241 retail outlets    
You can use this promotional tool among employees:
checkmarkMax3030 Sign of appreciation checkmarkMax3030 Reaching goals
checkmarkMax3030 Motivating sales  

Dear customer,

Unfortunately, the balance check service is no longer available.

To know the balance of your card, please contact customer service at

1 877 817-2700, ext. 3000.


BMR This gift card is issued by Service Financiers Groupe BMR inc. and valid only for purchases of merchandise at participating BMR stores;

BMR It may not be redeemed for cash unless the balance on the card is $5.00 or less;

BMR It is not refundable if lost, stolen or destroyed;

BMR The value of the gift card will be applied to the cost of purchase and, if such is the case, any balance will be printed on your receipt;

BMR Should the value of the gift card be insufficient to cover the total cost of a purchase, the outstanding balance must be paid using another form of payment accepted by the store;

BMR You may view the balance of the card by entering the card number above or by asking a cashier in a participating BMR stores;

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