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Eco-friendly products

During a renovation, products should be chosen depending on criteria related to the environment and health. To better guide you and help you make the right choices, we offer you a list of products displaying the Eco Attitude symbol.

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Paintbrushes and Rollers

Cleaning Paintbrushes and Rollers
The type of cleaning changes with each work stage. Paintbrushes placed in clean water (latex paint) or in solvent (oil paint) can bathe for an hour.

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Step By Step

Installing a subfloor in the basement

Installing a subfloor in the basement

Among all the steps possible to finish a basement, the installation of a subfloor is highly recommended. A subfloor will act as a barrier against the coldness and the humidity of concrete floors. In this demonstration, panels especially designed to stop cold and humidity have been used. Once the subfloor is laid, you can install real flooring on top and… decorate away!

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